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Type 1 Support Group

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  2006.08.02  14.29
pumpers, speak out

Okay group. Had kid one's endo appt. yesterday. Her HBA1C is hanging at 7.6, that's okay with me. Considering she's in the middle of a 2+ inch growth spurt, which throws off BG. As always there is room for improvement - but not too bad.

Looks like the next time we meet with the endo we will discuss pump options, take some classes, decide which one will work best for kid one.

With that said, if you use a pump, speak out now. Please share what you like/don't like about pumping. What model is working for you. Insight to share etc.

Thanks in advance for the 'real person' info.


  2006.03.31  07.46
information request

Hey all,

Kid one and two were accepted to a private school for next year. So...I would love any parent who could give me some information about how you set up your child/parent/school relationship surrounding type one care. What has worked, what hasn't, etc. I'm trying to gather things early, they enter school fall 2006, so I have lots of time to work with faculty.

Thanks in advance for anything you can provide.


  2006.03.19  12.42

some new news on a cure incase no one seen this yet


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  2006.02.07  18.52

FDA approves first inhalable version of insulin


  2006.01.23  17.45

thought this might be of interest to you guys

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  2006.01.03  14.42

*sigh* so my husband has been having more sezures lately... he was doing so good... anyway last night he was slurring his words... and that normally means he's going into a low... he tested his surgar and it was like 26 something so I let it drop... then at 6am he started to have a sezure... so I brought his level up and tested his sugar and it was 2.9... WTF?! in 6hrs it dropped like 24 points? And the other night (new years) he was walking home from work at 4am (he does secruity) and he had a sezure... and another one 2 nights before that... I know it's not his fault but when I try to get his level up it's like fighting a 3yr old to eat his brussel sprouts... gaww... sorry... I'm just so tired... and frustrated... I love him... but it's so hard on me...

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  2006.01.03  10.09

come on peeps this community is dead but im herre to get this pumpin'
this community will now be fucking awesome!!!!


  2005.12.16  12.37

I was just diagnosed last week with type 1. I spent five days in the hospital with DKA. I am 24. I think I'm adjusting well enough, but I'm also really angry right now about it. The American Diabetes Association says that it is normal to be angry, so I guess I'm okay. I'm glad this group is here, though.


  2005.12.05  10.09

how come lantus burns so much and the other insulin doesn't?

Mood: confused

  2005.11.14  18.13

Join my community funky_rebels

Mood: bouncy

  2005.11.14  17.45

i'm trying 2 find someone 2 talk 2 that i coulds contact through e-mail too but i want it 2 be somone with type 1 diabetes that way we have alot in common alreay. could someone please reply 2 this

Mood: sort of cheerful

  2005.11.12  11.33

Just wondering, how old r all of u( i hope this deosn't sound too rude)I am 12 but i dont care what your age is i just like 2 chat.

Mood: peaceful

  2005.11.10  09.03

thanks 4 all the support it turns out my mom was right people say that soft babll is really not worth it i have to go 2 my next class now bye


  2005.11.07  17.36
I really want someone 2 talk 2

I really am glad i found this community!! Sometimes us diabetics really need support. Like just now i am really sad cause my mom said i couldnt try out 4 our school softball team cause tryouts are at the same time that i have 2 take my Lantus!!

Mood: sad

  2005.10.24  14.16
JDRF walk

Yesterday, in Hershey PA, my family pulled together to walk in support of kid one's (and my own) hope for a cure/continuing improvements to care for her diabetes.

The group consisted of myself, kid one and two, my partner. Four or my five sisters, and one of my partner's sisters, and three of my nieces and nephews.

The day before and the day after the walk were rainy and cold. Walk day was bright, crisp, and clear. Thank you powers that be.

All total, our group raised $3,500. It's shitty that we have to do this, that it is a part of our lives, but I'm psyched by everyone's support.

Thanks to the online people who donated.

And of course, with the N and R we are on right now, and the crappy food we ate while in Hershey PA, she's been on a bit of a high....go figure.

Mood: cold

  2005.09.01  22.53
child range question

Once again,

I'm blindsided by my partner with my kid's maintenance. I need support and info. What is a good range for a child of 4 to be in? Her range is 70-170. I like to see her under 150. In the morning I like to see her at 120 or a bit lower. A reading of 78, before a meal or snack, is good in my opinion. He feels a reading of 78 is bad, and a morning reading of 150-170 is okay (I think an AM after sleeping reading should be a bit lower.

Feedback please! Does anyone know a good website for stastics for children's ranges? Thanks

Mood: frustrated

  2005.07.16  10.35

my church's mission trip is coming up very soon... we are going to Windowrock Arizona to help on an indian reservation. Yay. Only one problem. I was diagnosed less than two months ago and i don't know anything about traveling with insulin or anything. i really want to go and i know i shouldn't let a crappy pancreas keep me from doing what i want in life.. i'm just frankly a little bit scared.
My mom bought me a insulin carrying case that is suppossed to keep it cool. i really don't know what we're going to be doing there very much. I know we'll probably be doing some pretty strenuous work. I just wish i could REALLY be like everyone else and not have to worry about it. But a fat lot of good wishing has ever done me.
I guess i just want some tips for traveling. Thank You.

Mood: blah

  2005.07.12  23.31
question about pumps

How young have you seen or heard of children being on an insulin pump? Pros/cons to it? Thanks for any info.

Mood: curious

  2005.07.08  09.58
work out

Okay i am 5'6". Before my diabetes onset i was at 130lbs..I was admitted to the hospital at 120lbs. Now almost two months later i'm at about 140lbs. Will the insulin continue to make me gain weight? Because i kinda don't want it to. What should i do to lose weight, and keep from gaining weight. I'm a little scared to work out like i used to(i know it can be done, but i dunno..it's scarey ha) I feel kinda lame being afraid but i am. Have you guys gained weight because of insulin?

Mood: curious

  2005.06.28  23.14

okay it's me again and i have another question.. tonight i was giving myself my Lantus shot.. and i took it out and blood came gushing out.. gross yes i know.... what should i do in situation like this? Surely some of the insulin comes out w/ the blood. hmmm


  2005.06.28  12.38
Morning High's :0)

hey everybody... i have a question... for the last couple of weeks my blood sugar has been really good..except for in the mornings... i test four times a day.. one in the morning and then two hrs after meals.. my fasting bsl is always good, but my bsl after breakfast is always high! throughout the rest of the day it's back to normal. I eat the same amount of carbs at each meal, and use the same amount of insulin...and it's not like i'm anymore active after lunch than i am after breakfast.. usually i just sit around and read. I guess i was just wondering if anyone knows why this is occuring. Thank You!

Mood: confused

  2005.06.27  20.48

hi! i was diagnosed about a month ago.. i'm getting really used to all of this, but i really need some people who i can relate to! This group seems really nice and i'm looking forward to recieving advice, and i also hope i'm helpful when it comes to giving out advice.
Thank you very much!!


  2005.06.26  15.09
last night

First off I know this is not my husbands fault... but I need to get this out and cry...
Last night my husband had a low blood sugar... after trying all day yesterday to make surehis level was going to be ok... (he was a work and didn bring a lunch for his 12hr shift) I got him to get his mom to bring him food. I thought ok... he'll be fine now... but last night at 3:30 while I was having a great old sleep, he sat up... and was talking to my cats... I know when he sits up there is bound to be something wrong 'cas he hates waking up in the middle of the night. I asked "hunny why are you sitting up?" he mummbled a few slurred words... I knew his sugar was low, I went to the fridge and got him some Coke (we ran out of OJ that day) and tried to get him to drink it... he took at LITTLE sip and closed the bottle... I said calmly "no no... you need to drink some more." he gave me the dirtiest look and told me to fuck off (pardon the language) I'm not going to go into full details of the whole "arguement" but he insulted me very badly... and was breaking me heart... I finally got him to drink more of the pop and have some peanut butter... and he went back to sleep... but I couldn't... I went into the livingroom and cried for about an hour...

I know this is not his fault and it's not really "him" but it hurts so badly... and I love him so much... also when he's having his sugar lows it scares me to death sometimes because of the look in his eye... it's the look like he could just lash out and beat me... I know he wouldn't do it... but the look terrifies me.

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  2005.06.24  21.20

I'm a Mom of a type one child. She's 4 1/2 and was diagnosed in February. I monitor several groups. Thanks for starting another one. Anytime I can get real experience/information is helpful to me. We are in a survival mode right now, she is in her honeymoon, but runs high and low all the time.....so much to learn and monitor, it's overwhelming.


  2005.06.22  21.45

when my husband has low blood... he smells like onions... I always know to pump up his sugar if he smells like onions... is this normal... does it happen to anyone else?


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